Joe Fusaro

Mixed-Media and Collage

Prayer Book, 2014
mixed-media on paper  20x16"
Summer Days, 2018
mixed-media on handmade paper, 9x9"
Diary, 2018
photo collage on paper, 10x10"
Arc II, 2015
photo collage 11x14"
Forward, 2016
mixed-media on photo 11x14"
I'm Not Here For You, 2016
photo collage 11x14"
Emphasis, 2014
mixed-media on clayboard  5x5"
Heat Wave, 2014
mixed-media on digital photo  11x14"
Lightning, 2012
mixed-media on handmade paper  19x25"
Texas, 2011
35mm photo collage on handmade paper  11 3/4 x 11 3/4"

Clockwork, 2011
digital photo collage on handmade paper  8x6"
Exclamation, 2019
collage on handmade paper  20x16"

Untitled, 2019
collage  3x2"

Afternoon, 2014
acrylic, graphite, collage on paper   12x9"

Waterfall, 2013
watercolor and collage on paper   8x8"
Reading, 2017
collage on handmade paper  10x7"